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Microsoft Excel 365 - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Accountests NZ

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"It's about making sure the candidates have the technical skills that clients need right now"

Helene Smith, Senior Recruiter, Find Recruitment, Wellington

Microsoft Excel 365 - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced


Make sure your candidate has the appropriate level of Excel 365 skills.  The Excel tests cover skills at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels using Excel.  The tests use a simulated 365 Excel environment where candidates have to manipulate the software to answer questions - so are a very practical check on skill.  Excel 2016 test options available too - Contact Us to enquire.

Beginner - Questions for the beginner user of Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, and printing.  See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  32 Questions.

Intermediate - Questions on the most commonly used Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, graphics, printing and automation. See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  36 Questions.

Advanced -Questions for the advanced user of Microsoft Excel features such as file management, editing, formatting, analysis, printing and customizing Excel and Excel and the Internet.  See the Sample Report for details of topics covered.  Timed at 30 minutes.  34 Questions.

We need to manually send the appropriate test link to you after purchase - we will do this within 4 business hours of purchase (usually much quicker).  Completed reports will be sent to you automatically once your candidate has completed the test.  Links for other tests you purchase at the same time will arrive immediately after purchase as normal.

Sample Report for Beginner - Click Here 

Sample Report for Intermediate - Click Here

Sample Report for Advanced - Click Here

Other Microsoft tests are available for Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Functions, Word and Outlook.  For those re-entering the workforce we have a Basic Computer Literacy test which checks a candidates comfort with technology.  Contact Us if you're interested in any of these additional tests.

 Not sure which test is right for your candidate? Find out with our Which Test Table here

What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

“As a Finance Recruiter and former accountant I found the test to be very useful. It identified short comings I was aware of, and the suggested interview questions were excellent examples that would give the qualitative feed back. i.e is the candidate aware of the limitation, how do they address it and does it impact.”

Samantha Charman

Specialist Recruitment Consultant - Aura Consulting

"Traditionally we would hire accountants based on their tested technical competence, without considering how they would fit into a team based on their personal profile. The APPQ system helps us hire new people in a way that balances our team. "

Sue de Bievre, CEO

Beany, NZ

"We have found that Accountests gives us the opportunity to understand our candidates accounting ability, which no other product has done until now. It also gives us the opportunity to base further questions for the candidate around what we can see their ability is and enable us to make an informed decision."

Sharlene Bryant, Director

Baker Tilly, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"I found the test quite easy to use and interpret and I am really pleased to have this service at my disposal in the future. It’s more objective when employing staff than going by their interview skills alone."

Michelle Thompson, Owner

Tax & Trust Professionals, NZ

"Just some positive feedback, the Manager we got to sit the test achieved 69% - and they interviewed well so we will be making her an offer. In the past we have made offers but have subsequently found the candidate fell well short of what was expected technically."

Sudhir Lala, Director

The Advisory Group, Auckland, NZ

"We now use these tests to assess all potential accounting staff as part of our recruitment process."

Dianne Wilson, Business Manager

McIntyre Dick, Invercargill, NZ

"The Accountest was an extremely useful tool which assisted in our recruitment decision. The person we engaged is at the standard we expected and is in-line with the skill rating in the test results.”

Karen Abery, Practice Manager

Ingham Mora Chartered Accountants, Tauranga, NZ

"The candidates that do well in the test certainly seem to be our better performers."

Arran Findlayson, CEO

The Back Office Co, Auckland, NZ

"I am a very experienced Bookkeeper and the Accountests Bookkeeper Test is exactly what I have been looking for to test potential contractors."

Leanie Jones, Owner

Jones Business Solutions Ltd, Napier, NZ

"We’ve used Accountests a few times now and I’ve been impressed with your service. It’ll certainly be a required step for every hire!"

Paul Struckman, Director

Greenhawk, Auckland, NZ

"We used the management accountant test when reviewing two candidates during recruitment, the results of the test were very useful in understanding the comparative strengths of the two candidates. The reports were very clear and easy to understand."

James Bayly, CEO

Freedom Internet, Auckland, NZ

"This was a very good investment in the recruitment process. It is one tool in a bigger process, however it is valuable to assess the candidate and to identify development needs. The instructions, how-to video's and support/FAQ were very helpful. The test is high level and in a limited time-frame. No time for someone taking the test to google answers and the answers are not easy to guess."

Helen Blom, Business Owner


"The abilities being shown by the recruited candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations"



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