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Proctoring Tests


Proctoring minimizes the risk of cheating in a remote testing environment.


What is Proctoring and how does it work? 

e testing platform utilizes AI to proctor your online test. This means throughout the duration of the test the participants webcam will capture images to detect and record any instances of cheating. At the end of the test a report will be available to the test purchaser outlining any infractions.  For example:

  1. Know the person who takes the test is the person you are interested in hiring
  2. Know the test taker is not assisted by others
  3. Know the test taker is not using Google or similar to look up information - either on the device they are using or a separate device


Why have we introduced proctoring? 

We have introduced proctoring in response to technological advancements and the evolving capabilities of AI. Our current measures can sometimes detect when a candidate is cheating, but proctoring provides additional assurance to our customers. Additionally, proctoring has enabled us to extend the duration of our tests, allowing candidates to answer more questions and provide more data points for assessing their skills. 


What will proctoring detect?

Instances such as loss of focus on the test screen, leaving the test browser tab, attempting to screenshot, multiple faces, two different faces, and leaving the testing environment will all be detected and recorded in the report.


Accessing Proctoring Reports 

Proctoring reports are available for the test purchaser to review once the candidate has completed the test. Log in to the Platform and navigate to Manage Remote Proctoring from the Dashboard. You will then be able to locate the test and view the report. 


What if my candidate doesn’t have a webcam? 

Access to a webcam is a requirement for proctoring. Your candidate must have and allow access to a webcam to start the test.


What if my candidate doesn’t need to be proctored? 

All tests are configured to require proctoring, and this setting cannot be disabled for individual candidates. If you and your candidate have agreed that proctoring is not necessary, you can ask them to cover their camera. However, they must still grant the testing platform access to the camera. 


What if I want to opt out? 

If you prefer not to use the option of covering the camera and would like to opt out of proctoring, please email us at so we can explore alternative solutions for you. 



Proctoring Technical Troubleshooting

For candidates experiencing technical difficulties with proctoring during their online tests.


Camera Failing to Initialize on the Reference Photo Step:

Candidates may encounter issues with their cameras not starting up during the reference photo step, where the camera requests access for the first time.

Troubleshooting steps include:

  1. Checking browser permissions to ensure access to the camera. a helpful resource here
  2. Verifying if the candidate's device is in "Do Not Disturb" mode, particularly relevant for Apple devices. A helpful resource for Mac users here and Windows 10 and 11 users here
  3. Updating the browser to the latest version if the issue persists. A helpful resource here
  4. Advising candidates to switch browsers, with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari (excluding Safari for Windows) being acceptable options.
  5. Verifying hardware functionality by using the device's camera app or connecting an external webcam if necessary.


Camera Drops Out Mid-Test:

In the event of a camera dropout mid-test an automated reconnection system is in place. Reconnection attempts will run for approximately 30 seconds. If the system fails to reconnect automatically, the test will stop and be auto-submitted.

Possible causes include:

  • internet connection dropouts
  • Windows features running health checks
  • issues with device hardware.


If you are a CANDIDTE and still having trouble, please notify the person that issued you the test. Include a description of the error, which browser and device you were using, and which test you were completing. 

If you are a CUSTOMER and still having trouble, please email us at Include information such as which testorder number, and any information from your candidate.   


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