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Using Pre-Hiring Tests for On-Boarding in Public Accounting Firms

We’re all pretty familiar with using testing as part of a hiring process.  And the science shows a significant increase in the correlation between using testing and hiring the person you expect.  But many employers, once they’ve made the offer, put the testing in a virtual drawer, never to be seen again.  Don’t!   

You’ve paid for a wealth of information about the person you’ve just hired.  You’ve even used that information to make a better decision.  So now use if for on-boarding and personal development.  Become a great employer. 

Here’s 10 ways you can get value from these tests even after hiring:

  1. Your personality profile gives great insights in to how the person relates to others.  Choose a buddy and mentor who will work well with that style.  Don’t put the new starter who needs constant validation with someone who likes to work independently! 

  2. The skills testing will likely have identified skills gaps.  Make a plan to fill them in!  Is it formal training?  Is it a mentor?  Is it in-house monthly or weekly learning snippets? 

  3. Often personal development plans are non existent or generic until the firm gets to know the new starter better.  But you have the information, and good personality profiles like our <Accountants Personality Profile Questionnaire> have the basis for a personal development plan included in the candidate report.   Make sure their manager sees this and makes use of it.

  4. Look at areas identified as particular strengths – both in skills and personality.  How can you use these in the business immediately?  Rather than waiting to see them in action over weeks and months? 

  5. Your brand as an employer is almost more important than your brand with clients.  Maybe it’s even more important?  What a great way to add to your brand by nailing the on-boarding process and helping your team develop their capability at lightning speed. 

  6. Clients generally hate new starters.  A bit like training the new audit team every year!  By matching your new starter with the right work, and have them working with clients who they will likely relate to better, you’ll be more efficient and productive, make more money, and your clients will be referring more work to you. 

  7. Identify potential managers, directors or partners quicker.  Both personality and skills tests, and especially a combination of them, will quickly identify those you should be keeping an eye on, and potentially fast-tracking. 

  8. Our preferred working style doesn’t change over time, although the way we cope with ‘issues’ might improve if we get better at working around our short comings.  The personality profile will retain its value even years afterwards, and it’s a great benchmark to come back to as a focus point for discussing issues which arise during the employment relationship.  It can help de-personalize and focus on solutions.  

  9. Get all this right and your team will stay longer.  New starters will be happier, and your existing team won’t be grumbling about the quality of the new recruits.

  10. It just makes sense! 

Using good quality testing helps make great employment decisions.  They can also make you a great employer, at no extra cost! 


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Giles Pearson  |  After 18 years as a partner with a large public accounting firm, Giles founded Accountests to help those recruiting accountants make better hiring decisions

Accountests  |  Accountests deliver the world’s only online suite of annually updated and country-specific technical skills, ability and personality tests designed by and for accountants and bookkeepers. 
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